Thursday, February 23

What makes me nervous!

Sometimes I get upset so much, I mean if we look at the rate of the educated people in the world, it show a definite increasing over the for example past decades. But I can’t see any big change in the behavior of the people in the world. Of course there has been a lot of change in the life of people by improving the health and economy. But what I am trying to say is that still many people stick into their well-established-over-years beliefs, and try to see the world, interpret the events, and build their society and so on, by only those sights. I mean the number of people that are asking the questions about many things like the religious beliefs, common laws and use the logic and free wisdom to see the world are still less than those the others, and this make me very confused.
It was long time that I believed the education rate can help to spread the logical and free thinking among the nations, but I guess I was totally wrong, or maybe that is not enough. A good example of disappointment for me was the last presidential election in the US, which above all the reasons that led to the Bush to be elected was the religious behaviors of  him, I mean I couldn’t believe that people totally put the simple facts away and voted for him. I respect any religion or belief in the world. But I do think that we have to use these only beside the wisdom to make our decisions and live our lives.

Monday, February 6

Mohammed Cartoons

Mohammed Cartoons!
I think this anger about the Mohammed cartoons is a kind of test for the vulnerability of Moslem societies and somehow a political tool to delude some of the important issues in the world, to be unnoticed. Now what I mean by vulnerable is that how easy can you make these people angry and we all know that the anger is the opposite of calmness and that means you can lose your rights easily by insisting on something and creating anger, for instance the Danish newspaper has apologized in this case but the wrath is still going on. I believe that Muslim countries do have many other issues to deal with; one of them is the rapid development in the economy. So you can understand so easily that why these countries are among the poorest countries in the world. If you ask the people in those countries, they definitely say (pretty much like the reaction of my people in Iran) that there are some FOREIGN enemies that prevent us to develop, and obviously they don’t admit their abrupt reactions to the issues like this that could also be one of the reasons that they can not grow. There is an important saying in my country that says if you want to rule the people, just make them busy with their religious beliefs, anger and poverty and they will obey you. This is so much like the situation in all Islamic countries. interesting isn’t it?  

Tuesday, January 31

We want to talk

We want to talk!
I am so glad to see that finally an Iranian blogger that seems doesn’t have any political tie with any government and specific group went to Israel.
The fact is that now there are PEOPLE living there that have their own culture, so as the other nations in the world we want to talk to them. This is actually so interesting to us, the younger and middle age Iranian that heard a lot about Israel but in the negative perspective, to go there and see what the actual and ordinary people are thinking about our country Iran and the rest of the world.
In a conversation that I had recently with one of my university professors about the ties with Israel, he said that I see them (the Israeli people) in many conferences and scientific gatherings around the world, and I found them good people. But they are the supporters of their government after all! (and by this he wanted to point out something about what the Israeli government do in Palestine). But personally don’t accept this, first because there, is a country, and many people that are living there have different ideas about the world, but surly (I am sure 100 percent) they are real ordinary people who want to just live a life and their idea about the peace is exactly the same as the other people in the world, so I think it is not true that we say 100 percent of Israelis want to maintain this war!. And second as I mentioned above we have to differentiate between the people and the governments acts, pretty much like the government we have in Iran, that most of the ordinary people don’t want them in this way, but they have no choice but to obey this government, just to make sure that they don’t lose anything they have right now (I mean salaries, benefits….). I think getting into peace is so easy in there, as long as the people know the way and talk to each other without the fear of the governments.

Tuesday, January 24


My big question these days is why?. I can’t find any answer for that, why we need to mess up with the Europe to create this situation. I don’t know what these craps have in their mind. They have recently started to create anger in the world by saying those words about Israel, and then opened up that research facilities…. I don’t know. As an Iranian I insist our right to have nuclear facilities, doing research just like other countries in the world and so on… but not at this time, while we need calm to grow… I am really scared. I guess this is going to lead to another tragedy like Iraq.

Sunday, December 18

Miss Understanding

Miss Understanding
I don’t know what to say, we as Iranian now are struggling to say that we are not Arab?? Sometimes I think with myself why?
I saw this clip from the tonight show with Jay Lennon. It is about an Iranian (like) astronaut who has a long beard and is humiliating the Iran’s space and nuclear program. But I think apart from the humiliation, there is a fact in this clip that we Iranians have to do a lot to say to the world that we are different, and if put apart this little group of people that are ruling my land (which is not a surprise if you look at it historically, because simply this is their time after along time of dominance of kings and others that were not necessarily democratic people, like those in the U.S. now), there are a lot of ordinary people that have theire medium religious beliefs and want to have good relationships with other people in the world. This is something that disturb me somuch!

Tuesday, November 15

Just a game

Just a game,
You must have recently heard of the new storm that our new lovely! President created over the world, (I mean thanks to the CNN and BBC and other big brothers who work well in these situations at least), about the Israel. I don’t know is it wise for us now to have such feeling about the Israel now even if you consider this fact that these people now are living there and made their own culture and even now the Palestinian people now are realizing that they have to compromise just as much that Israelis feel, But I want to mention a sad and real fact about the behavior of us Iranians which is not acting based on wisdom but act based on our feelings. Of course however you must not ignore the damn political considerations which are just a game.

Saturday, November 27

Iran's nuclear ambitions

I don’t want really to talk about the Iranian Ambition of nuclear weapons, because as much as the nuclear power in hands of US or any other country like Israel is dangerous, the same will be dangerous as Iran has, this is the fact that any country in this world want to have this facility either for the war or just to show the rest of the world as an achievements, or any other reason. But about the present regime of Iran, I am very sorry to say that they really want to have it, like the Pakistan or India. But the craziness prevents them to achieve their goal because they are lazy enough not to produce the nuclear. During this 27 years they did nothing but preventing the economic growth and scientific as well. I remember when I wan in military service, we had special classes named Ideological classes designed just to wash the brain of solders and expose them to Islam more! We had a religious teacher (One of those named “Hojatol El Islam” means the sign of Islam), that in one of sessions said indirectly about the nuclear ambition of regime, at the end he said, Islam doesn’t allow us to attack anyone by these, but if we could have them, we could kill all of infidels (by the name of defense!!).

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